I first got a message off Lee asking for advice on what he should be looking for when booking a photographer for his wedding as the original plan was to hire one based in Italy. He then said the magic words "Would you fancy doing it?"

Aliviana & Lee then came over to Newcastle to meet me as Lee is originally from the North East but Aliviana is from the USA. We had a good chat in the local pub, then I got the most amazing phone call later that evening when they decided to go with myself to shoot their wedding day. I leapt from the sofa screaming to my wife (in the another room) "I'm photographing a wedding, in Italy!" I was over the moon :-)

As they were both in Newcastle a few days before travelling to Italy for their wedding I arranged to meet them on the Quayside so we could grab some shots on our beautiful Quayside.

I arrived in Florence on the Wednesday to spend a few days with my wife who decided to come along with me. Such a beautiful city and highly recommend.

The wedding took place in a small village called Poppi which is situated around 20 miles from Florence. Their wedding venue was based in the tree covered hills which made for unbelievable scenery. The staff, food and accommodation at the wonderful I The Baroni was absolutely fantastic and would love to return sometime.

I can't thank Lee & Aliviana enough for allowing me to photograph their wedding in such a beautiful part of the world. It's something me and my wife will never forget.