My Style

For the vast majority of a wedding day, I work as a documentary wedding photographer, which means that I capture your day exactly as it happens, naturally, rather than making things happen. I come dressed for your wedding as if I were a guest. This helps me blend in and capture those moments in a very relaxed and discreet manner. When you look back at your images, you’ll remember what you were feeling, rather than what you had been told to do by a photographer.

Because I'm at your wedding for most of the day, I always have time to capture some truly amazing photos that truly enhance your special day. These photos can showcase your surroundings, your wedding dress, your flowers, and illustrate just how amazing your day is!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are typically your closest friends and family, and I always make a big deal about capturing a photograph of you all together.

Whether that involves a nice relaxed walk with all of you laughing and enjoying yourselves or a perfectly crafted staged shot giving me your best ‘Blue Steel’ look.

Again, most of the shots delivered on a wedding day are the nice, natural photos of everyone enjoying your wedding day. This section with your wedding party can be done in 10 minutes.