Ultimate Team Photography

In late October I was asked if I'd like to take some photos of a friends football team before they started their football training. I didn't want to just turn up with minimum equipment and just click away. I wanted to approach these portraits in the same way I photograph weddings. I wanted to create images not only the parents will be proud of but also something the kids will love!

And it's not just the kids! The coaches are very important in youth football and they deserve a photo to remember.

We then finish the shoot with some lovely portraits of your child from several different angles. Not only are these great shots for parents to treasure, but they're also required to create something special which I'll tell you about later! I want your child to look like their heroes and not stand like they're getting their school photo taken. Thats why we always end with special shots like; kissing the badge or clasping their hands together.

These shots are then layered into Photoshop to create a Sky Sports style team photo that looks epic! When you order this package you get to choose to have your child taking centre stage and also if you'd like a few close friends near-by.

We're not done yet! You'll also receive an individual portrait of your child in their hero poses which will make a fantastic image for their bedroom walls.

What about the price? Well, I actually turn up and take the photographs for FREE! Once the shoot is completed and processed, the images will be uploaded to my private online gallery where your coach will choose a password to give access for the parents. All images taken on the night will be available for £35 per parent. The Sky Sports style Team and Portrait Photos is only £40 (just £5 extra) and that includes all images taken on the day PLUS social media ready photos for all your Facebook and Instagram posts!

I'm also pleased to say that if all parents from your team order the £40 package, I will personally donate £50 back to that particular football club to help you raise money for your child's football team.